About The Insurance Geek

The Insurance Geek blog and website was created for the sole purpose of trying to make the subject of insurance more understandable and less frustrating. My name is Mike Mahoney and in over 30 years as an insurance agent, I have spent far more time explaining how insurance works than I have actually “selling” insurance. In fact, while the cost of insurance is always a factor, my experience has been that the greatest source of frustration for people is that most insurance policies seem specifically designed to be as confusing and intimidating as possible.

The ebooks available on the Insurance Books page are written to explore a specific insurance topic in depth. The blog, on the other hand, will address everyday insurance related issues in short, bite-sized segments. Between the two, I hope you will find The Insurance Geek a useful resource. Feel free to comment on the ebooks, blog posts or ask your specific questions about insurance.

Welcome to the Insurance Geek!